Dual registration needed to be stamped out. Just like having to print and mail paper documents.


The case procedure in the directorate had been based on forms and papers for centuries, and was completely dependent on caseworkers’ use of relevant dedicated systems for data registration, calculation, and analysis. This workflow resulted in a lot of dual registration and paperwork mailing.


The assignment involved identifying ways to simplify and automate caseworker tasks, define requirements for a new administrative system and the follow through of public invitations to tender.

As advisor and responsible for the task and referring to the directorate’s head of administration, the process was done in three stages: Pre-analysis, demand specification and invitation to tender. From the pre-analysis it became clear that the desired solution involved an extensive digitization of case procedures in the directorate, including an implementation of an Electronic Document Handling system) with a close integration of relevant dedicated systems. The requirements specification was carried out with large parts of the organisation involved. Adjudication was carried out as a limited invitation to tender with 5 pre-qualified suppliers.


The project resulted in the choice of a complete solution: A system containing extensive self-service options and automated case procedures, an effective use of standard document handling functionality mixed with a recycling of existing dedicated systems. The meticulously developed requirements specification resulted in more precise tenders, which resulted in an attractive price for the selected solution.


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