During the rolling out of a new billing system, new technical, functional and organisational challenges suddenly appeared.


A global logistics supplier was rolling out a new billing system and finance solution when the project was hit by technical, functional and organisational challenges. It turned out that the demands on the solution were far more comprehensive than assumed at first and that the system had a series of technical shortcomings, including unreasonably long response times.


The task was to advise and manage the restructuring of the project, including the functionality and architecture of the system and co-operation with the provider. After an initial analysis of the problem the work was divided onto several tracks: A professionalization of the co-operation with the provider, remedying shortcomings in the technical architecture, a formalisation of communication to the project’s stakeholders, a reduction in the number of faults in the system, a formalisation of the claims adjustment process and a new strategy for organisational implementation.


The solution was implemented in the organisation and contributed to a substantial improvement in the billing process in 24 countries, resulting in a reduction of outstanding claims and increased customer satisfaction. Average payment time was reduced by more than 30%.

The systems provider also substantially improved their ability to handle projects, not only implementing an efficient program management but also improving internal communication on task execution.


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