Program and Change Management

The problems in connection with the implementation of a new IT-platform were becoming critical for the business.


A global shipping company had worked to develop and roll out a new IT-system for 10 years. Along the way the lack of drive had become critical and required a quick and targeted effort. The task was a combination of supplier management, programme management and technological advice for the new program director.


The program director was looking for consultancy, initially to secure the quality and viability of the solutions suggested by the systems supplier. The assignment eventually also grew to include programme management, change management and direct supplier management.

The programme mobilised 1000 people working fulltime and 8000 working part time with tests in 100 countries. 500 local systems were replaced with the new system, which at the time of implementation had about 4500 simultaneous users.


Two months after implementation the targets for the system had been met. Four months later the billing quality was normalised which meant an increase in productivity. The number of people working on putting out fires was reduced with 1000.


Lars Leth, Managing Partner
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