Most adults know that life is random and attempt to explain it is futile.

Nonetheless, we are going to try to give an account of the time up to now:

Ergo was established in 2008 by Lars Leth and Nils Roien. Both had earlier combined their technological insight with their business understanding working for companies like Maersk, IBM, CSC, AT&T and Gartner.

For twenty years, since his business exams, Lars Leth had been creating value from technology investments, for the last six years as CEO at Maersk M:PROVE and Associate Partner at IBM.

When Leth and Roien got together they set about creating a business based on senior people, who solved substantial assignments for companies within IT, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, transport & logistics and the public sector – without broad gestures and theoretical hype. A business consisting of open and honest people.

They had, in other words, become too old for too much talk, and experienced enough to know that it always pays to behave decently.

Ergo was formerly known as Straightline and changed its name in April 2011. The name change was part of a new communications plan, just like this website.

Ergo is Latin for “therefore”. And according to the Great Danish Dictionary, it is used to: “express the consequence or logical effect of one or more preceding statements.”