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IT and communication costs have been rising for many years and currently form a significant part of the total expenditure of most companies.

Despite this, Europe has falling levels of employment in the industry, we apply for fewer IT-patents and innovation is taking place outside the EU.

That’s why there’s a real danger that the European IT & telecommunications industry won’t develop sufficiently and will lose the competencies and talent that should ensure survival. There are also some signs that innovation is following operations and production to the low-wage countries around the world. The result is no longer only a problem for the business but also for related industries.

It’s therefore essential that the IT & telecoms industry develops new strategies in relation to their business model, innovation, services and talent recruitment.

Business model

Business models will be constantly changing, partly due to the technological possibilities (new smartphones, Google Maps, VoIP etc.) and partly due to changes in legislation, security policies and market models. The evolution in world trade also means that the need to support global supply chains is growing and IT-providers are invited to partake in trans-national deals with clients and partners.


The ability to innovate has to be integrated in businesses to a higher degree. It’s not only the generation of ideas that needs to grow. The organisation has to be trained in evaluation and in thinking new thoughts about products, services, operational improvements and the business model.


Service delivery must continually be focused on providing value for the customer. It must be moved away from a situation based on heroes putting out fires – to a fault -preventing and controlled effort that will not overtax resources and result in unnecessary human stress and breakdowns.


The boundaries for which IT-services can be performed successfully in low-wage countries are quickly moving up in the service hierarchy. It is thus no longer a question of IT-services at a lower price, but also of top quality delivered ably and competently. It is therefore vital that Danish IT & telecommunications operators have a conscious strategy to attract and apply skills.

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