Device strategy

The device was complicated but the wish was simple: A new device and software strategy to support a possible sale.


A pharmaceutical company was evaluating a new diagnostic method that could potentially result in global sales. Several clinical laboratories were involved in the evaluation, which showed that access to the correct measuring equipment was critical for the ensuing data processing. A precondition for evaluating the diagnostic method was thus access to easily handled measuring equipment and analytical software.


The assignment involved responsibility for the choice of a device and software strategy in close dialogue with the clinical director and the company’s management. The analysis included the evaluation of relevant market trends, device technology, calibration techniques, service programmes, statistical data processing, production possibilities and partnerships.


A series of prototypes and associated software were developed. These units became the foundation and precondition for the further clinical trial of the concept. The chosen approach, based on standard measuring mechanics and supplied with specially designed and very user-friendly analytical software, contributed to the clinical trial being able to be carried out a lot faster than predicted and resulted in the new diagnostic method being sold.


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