IT-expenses in the pharmaceutical industry are in the highest range of all industries. Their wish: A method to reduce costs.


IT costs in the pharmaceutical industry are in the highest range for all industries. This is among other reasons due to statutory requirements for documentation and traceability. This company had a level of costs, however, that would be considered as very high even for this industry. The company was therefore looking for a way to limit both the central and de-centralised IT-costs in the organisation.


The task involved advising and sparring with management in identifying and implementing IT-governance initiatives. A quick analysis showed that de-central IT-initiatives in particular were difficult to predict and handle. The strategic work was carried out in five calendar months of scoping, analysis, design and implementation.


The company’s IT-governance model was given new elements to support controlled evaluation. Management was brought closer to decisions on IT-projects.

An early estimate indicates savings in the IT-area of some 10% in the first year.


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