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The public sector is under mounting pressure. Government appropriations are automatically reduced by 2% each year, which is equivalent to the expected increase in productivity

The concept of management is changing in the direction of that practiced in the private sector. The demand for results, transparency, documentation and servicing citizens is growing, and the work pace is increasing.

Despite these conditions, comparisons with other countries show that the Danish public sector is lagging behind in productivity. IT is applied intensively, but often only to meet the demands for documentation and rarely to elevate and make the level of service more efficient. Therefore an overall question is: How do you increase productivity in the public sector?

Digitization, good project management and innovation are ways of increasing productivity in the public sector.


A focused digitization of tasks including the use of self-service portals has been and will continuously be part of the solution. With focused digitization we mean that the digitization is implemented in connection with a revision and simplification of the relevant workflows. The digitization process will therefore include process analysis, simplification, and exploration of innovative suggestions for solutions, solution design and operational and organisational implementation.

Project management

The public sector is constantly being criticised and in some instances there have been cases of mistakes in the project management effort. In our experience though, project manager skills are increasing. Among other reasons this can be because many public offices have applied the English de facto standard project model PRINCE2, which simply and pragmatically focuses on the project’s rationale, foundation and controlled implementation.


A controlled implementation of a project is, however, not sufficient in handling the massive challenges that the sector is facing. Innovative approaches and work models combined with an efficient use of IT is necessary, if goals are to be met.

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