Due to new legislation a state-owned enterprise had to re-establish itself resulting in a new performance management system.


Due to new energy market regulations, a state-owned enterprise had to establish several subsidiary and separate companies. To maintain overall control, a performance management concept was developed for use across the new companies. The concept included both quantitative performance indicators inferred from the common ERP-system and qualitative indicators stated by managers in the different companies.


The assignment included project management for the implementation of the developed performance management concept and was completed with several repeat run-throughs of the stages: Design, development, pilot testing, and organisational implementation. A substantial task in the process was management of the selected provider and their delivery in co-operation with the group’s own IT-function. The dominant challenge for the project was that of varied data quality in the underlying ERP-system, with complications in the form of increased system complexity and scepticism in the organisation regarding the credibility of data.


The project delivered a successful implementation of the developed performance management concept with the finance department as concept and system owner. The project also resulted in a radical improvement in the data quality of the group’s ERP-system, managerial support for the balanced performance measurement and a radically increased transparency in relation to the group’s performance.


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