Ergo develops and supports strategies, operational strategies, IT strategies and IT based innovation strategies.

In all its simplicity, operations strategy is about how a company turns its business strategy into practice. Business strategy is about what should be done. Operations strategy tells you how. It’s fair to say that if you don’t have a plan as to how you’re going to make your strategy operational; the strategy in itself isn’t worth much. And if your strategy isn’t precise enough to allow you to create an operations strategy directly from it, you should probably consider revising it.

There are advantages in thinking about IT strategy and IT based innovation strategy together. For example, what if with a few adjustments the company’s new logistics system not only became the way to identify and realize savings, but the company’s new distinguishing characteristic? The new differentiating service in the market? In other words, it sometimes pays to take a deep breath and think again before you throw yourself into a “simple” IT update or an “obvious” technological solution to a problem.